Author Topic: Sherkan SE5 - new MW2 client based on CoD:Online!  (Read 2352 times)

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Sherkan SE5 - new MW2 client based on CoD:Online!
« on: February 29, 2016, 18:14:37 PM »
My nickname is Chamka. I'm a community manager and helper of Sherkan Project (Sherkan SE5)
Our developers are working on Sherkan SE5 that is highly-customized Modern Warfare 2 client based on CoD: Online (free-to-play chinese shooter based on MW2 and BO1)
Sherkan SE5 is in Open Beta now!
Feel free to register and play:

(click to show/hide)

If you have any questions join our Discord chat:
Screenshots of our project:
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Also, we are recruiting players to participate in the International In-Game Sherkan Community "uplight."
You can find the link on our forum!
Competitions, tournaments, events, and more! Lets stick together! ^^
You will be able to find english-speaking playing while playing if you will join us!

From Russia with <3






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