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Mw # 3 Rules
« on: January 12, 2016, 18:31:22 PM »
Will run through this asap with you guys,

Mw3 Rules & Regulations

General Rules for the NRNS Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Servers / Reglas del servidor de CoD en Español
No Hacking or Cheating / No Usar Programas para Hacer Trampa
No Swearing (this includes abbreviations & acronyms) / No Decir Malas Palabras
No Spamming / No hacer mensajes largos o repetitivos en el juego
No Being Disrespectful / No Irrespetar a los Demas
No offensive or bad names / No nombres ofensivos o Malos
No Recruiting or Sharing Accounts / No Reclutar Jugadores en Nuestros Servidores

Extra Rules for CoD:MW3

We reserve the right to kick players to make room for our NRNS Members.

Spawn Camping

Spawn camping is not in the spirit that the game was originally designed for.
While it is understood that this may happen inadvertently from time to time “repeated spawn killing” will result in a kick and eventually a ban
Snipers must allow players to clear off a spawnpoint sufficiently and enter the battle before firing.


No Camping on 24/7 Dome/ Hardhat EU & USA, CQB Servers. Admins must !w first then !k if they persist with unfair play. Camping allowed on all other servers.


No forms of racism, harassment, or abuse will be tolerated.
Bad language will not be tolerated. We have young children playing on our servers and any form of swearing will be dealt with accordingly.(This includes abbreviations)
Treat new players with respect (whatever their skill level)
Observe the requests of NRNS admins and NRNS members


Cheating is strictly prohibited across all NRNS servers; players caught using hacks and/or cheating will be permanently banned and have their stats removed.

Stats padding

No Nuke Boosting. This will result in a ban without the option of unban.

No recruiting

Anyone found recruiting on NRNS servers will be permanently banned.
The giving out of email addresses is forbidden and will result in a, kick or ban


[NRNS] tags are for members only. Anyone caught using [NRNS] tags will be warned to removed the tag and failure to comply will result in a ban


NRNS admins are to be treated with respect and any form of abuse/harassment will be dealt with severely.

Bans and unbanning

Stats padding: Permanent ban/ No Unban. Unbans @ viewforum.php?f=156 in Unban request forum, Not in another forum.
Cheating: Permanent ban/ No Unban
Recruiting: Permanent ban/ No Unban

Generally all other offenses will attract a warning, kick, temporary ban and if all else fails a permanent ban.
We reserve the right to kick or ban without warning depending on the severity of the offense or in a case where the player is a repeat offender and is known to admins or is a high ranking player who
should know the rules.
Unbanning is at the discretion of the CoD:MW3 Council.All unban requests should be made through the website.
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