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CoD:MW2 Rules in English
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Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2

General Rules for the NRNS Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Servers / Reglas del servidor de CoD en Español
  • No Glitching / No Usar Sitios Inaccesibles para Esconderse
  • No Hacking or Cheating / No Usar Programas para Hacer Trampa
  • No Swearing (this includes abbreviations & acronyms) / No Decir Malas Palabras
  • No Spamming / No hacer mensajes largos o repetitivos en el juego
  • No Being Disrespectful / No Irrespetar a los Demas
  • No Offensive or Bad Names / No nombres ofensivos o Malos
  • No Recruiting or Sharing Accounts / No Reclutar Jugadores en Nuestros Servidores
Extra Rules for CoD:MW2
  • We reserve the right to kick players to make room for our NRNS Members.
  • No Spawn Camping
  • Spawn camping is defined as repeatedly killing players as they spawn giving them no chance of moving from the spawn point or entering the game
  • Spawn camping is not in the spirit that the game was originally designed for.
  • While it is understood that this may happen inadvertently from time to time “repeated spawn killing” will result in warnings, a kick and eventually a ban
  • Snipers must allow players to clear off a spawnpoint sufficiently and enter the battle before firing.
  • No forms of racism, harassment, or abuse will be tolerated.
  • Bad language will not be tolerated. We have young children playing on our servers and any form of swearing will be dealt with accordingly.(This includes abbreviations)
  • Treat new players with respect (whatever their skill level)
  • Observe the requests of NRNS admins and NRNS members
  • Cheating is strictly prohibited across all NRNS servers; players caught using hacks and/or cheating will be permanently banned and have their stats removed.
  • Glitching is strictly forbidden. Any offense will result in a permanent ban and removal of stats. This includes glitching in buildings, gaining access to roofs with the use of explosives and/or other players also if there is no ladder to it.
Stats padding
  • Stats padding is unfair on people who are trying to play in the spirit that the game was originally designed for.
  • Players must not participate in any action not in the spirit of the game for the sole purpose of gaining stats.This will result in a permanent ban and removal of stats
No recruiting
  • Anyone found recruiting on NRNS servers will be permanently banned.
  • The giving out of email addresses is forbidden and will result in a, kick or ban
  • [NRNS] tags are for members only. Anyone caught using [NRNS] tags will be warned to removed the tag and failure to comply will result in a ban
Unsporting Gameplay
  • Players found to be disrupting fair play will be warned ,kicked or banned..
  • Unsporting game play will be at the sole discretion and judgement of the admins.
  • NRNS admins are to be treated with respect and any form of abuse/harassment will be dealt with severely.
Bans and unbanning
  • Stats padding: Permanent ban
  • Cheating: Permanent ban
  • Recruiting: Permanent ban
  • Generally all other offenses will attract a warning, kick, temporary ban and if all else fails a permanent ban.
  • We reserve the right to kick or ban without warning depending on the severity of the offense or in a case where the player is a repeat offender and is known to admins or is a high ranking player who should know the rules
  • Unbanning is at the discretion of the CoD:MW2 Council. All unban requests should be made through “unban request” on the website






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