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CoD4:MW Rules in English
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Call of Duty 4:Modern Warfare

General Rules for the NRNS Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare Servers / Reglas del servidor de CoD en Español
  • Rule #1: No Glitching / No Usar Sitios Inaccesibles para Esconderse
  • Rule #2: No Hacking/Cheating / No Usar Programas para Hacer Trampa
  • Rule #3: No disrespectful behaviour / No Irrespetar a los Demas
  • Rule #4: No abusive Language / No hacer mensajes largos o repetitivos en el juego/No Decir Malas Palabras
  • Rule #5: No offensive or bad Names / No nombres ofensivos o Malos
  • Rule #6: No Recruiting/Advertising/Sharing / No Reclutar Jugadores en Nuestros Servidores
Server specific Rules:

NOTE: This does not apply to all the servers, read carefully on wich server what applies!
  • EU#3 - Rule #1: No Elevators/Out of map Glitches
  • US#2 - Rule #7: Don’t jump while shooting or being shot at
  • EU#2 & US#1 - Rule #7: No Martyrdom/Grenade Launchers
  • EU#2 & US#1 - Rule #8: RPG's only for shooting down the Helicopter
Playing on our Servers:
  • Our servers are a place to have fun with fellow gamers, to have a nice time and enjoy the game.
  • We expect every player to follow some simple rules, play fair, show a somewhat good behaviour as well as respect towards other players.
  • Our Admins are the ones who work hard to make that happen and ensure fair play, every player is asked to follow their calls and to abide the rules. Players acting against admins and rules risk getting removed from our servers.
  • Players on our server have the right to be treated fair and with respect. If in any case you feel thats not happening, please contact any Admin/Council of your choice.
  • If you got banned(temp or perm) you are free to fill in an unban request on our forum to get your case reviewed.
Rule 1 - No Glitching
    Players found using invisibility or invincibility glitches or being outside maps will get removed.Also includes elevators and bounces, and all spots u can only reach with elevators, bounces, RPG jumps or the help of a second player.Generally all buildings, balconies and obstacles with no ladder or stairs that you cannot climb on or jump in directly from a higher or an equally high building with ladders or stairs, are considered glitches. Spots where you are completely hidden in or moving through textures, or where you can see through them, are considered glitches too.For a comprehensive list of spots allowed or forbidden please visit this post:
Glitching spots

Rule 1 on EU#3 Promod SND
    Elevators and out of map glitches are forbidden.
Rule 2 - No Hacking/Cheating
    Using any sort of Aimbots, Wallhacks, or any other hacks will get you permanently banned. Scroll shooting and any binds or macros altering game mechanics are considered cheating and are not allowed. Generally every action with or without 3rd party programs that alters your game in a way you gain an unfair advantage over others is considered cheating.Also every sort of unfair gameplay (nadeswitching) is not allowed.
Rule 3 - No disrespectful behaviour
    Every behaviour that crosses the line between being a joke/bragging and being insulting and offensive won’t be tolerated. Watch out what you say!We don’t tolerate Racism, Religious or any other baiting, bullying, and any sort of discrimination.
Rule 4 - No abusive language
    Excessive swearing and use of foul language, specially against other players is not allowed.
Rule 5 - No offensive or bad names
    Choose an appropriate name. Names potentially offensive to someone will get you removed.
Rule 6 - No recruiting/advertising
    Sharing social info, websites, contacts, email, for the sake of recruiting and advertising other servers is forbidden. People found to be recruiting players on our servers will get banned.Advertising of any kind is not allowed. Youtubers & Streamers please use our forum.
EU#2 & US#1 - Rule 7 & Rule 8: No Martyrdom/GL, RPG’s only to shoot down the helicopter
    Using those perks on a server where they are not allowed will get you autokicked. Either choose other perks or play on one of our servers where its allowed.
Request for Unbanning
  • Unbanning is at the discretion of the CoD4:MW Council. All unban requests should be made through “unban request” on the website
    [NRNS] tags are for members only.
    Anyone caught using [NRNS] tags will be warned to removed the tag and failure to comply will result in a kick or (temp)Ban[/list][/list]
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