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Bad Company 2 Rules in English
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Bad Company 2

General Rules for the NRNS Bad Company 2 Servers
  • Respect rules, respect players, keep the teams balanced and play fair.
  • No cheating, hacking, exploiting game or map glitches/bugs.
  • No bad, abusive or racist language/terms allowed.
  • No spamming, team killing, or forced team killing.
  • No Recruiting/Advertising other server's or Sharing xfire/msn/email/social info in NRNS servers
  • All players that play on NRNS servers agree to adhere to these rules and that any infractions will be dealt with.
  • No forms of racism, harassment, or abuse will be tolerated.
  • Bad language will not be tolerated. We have young children playing on our servers and any form of swearing will be dealt with accordingly.(This includes abbreviations)
  • Treat all players with respect. (whatever their skill level)
  • Observe the requests of NRNS admins and NRNS members.
  • Cheating is strictly prohibited across all NRNS servers; players caught using hacks and/or cheating will be permanently banned and have their stats removed.
  • Glitching is strictly forbidden. Any offense will result in a permanent ban and removal of stats.
  • This includes but not limited to seat switching, glitching in buildings/objects, gaining access to roofs with the use of explosives (if there is no ladder or chopper on the map then you should not be there)
  • If you are name glitched you will be asked to disconnect from the server and rejoin. Failure to do so will result in a kick.
No recruiting
  • Anyone found recruiting on NRNS servers will be permanently banned.
  • The giving out of email addresses is forbidden and will result in a kick or ban.
  • Any mention of any other clan, server or social channel/communication no matter the context may be considered recruiting. Zero recruiting and zero mention. The only acceptable means of mentioning communication are through NRNS provided sources only such as site and ventrilo. Any other source mentioned is recruiting.
No spamming, team killing, or forced team killing
  • Spamming is defined as saying the same thing repetitively. This includes ingame autospeech (page up and page down keys etc), and ingame chat.
  • Team killing is defined as killing your teammates. Excessive or intentional teamkilling is not allowed.
  • Forced team killing is defined as forcing your teammates to teamkill you because they have no other choice. Example: laying down in front of a teammate's vehicle forcing them to run over you.
  • None are allowed.
  • Punishing for accidental teamkills or forced teamkills is strictly not allowed.
No use of bad or abusive language/disrespecting
  • Bad language includes any form of the following words: noob, the S bomb, the F bomb, and inference of private body parts.
  • Abusive language is disrespectful and will not be tolerated. Examples: "you moron", "you idiot", "learn how to fly dummy"
  • Zero tolerance for any of these on NRNS servers.
  • [NRNS] tags are for members only. Anyone caught using [NRNS] tags will be warned to removed the tag and failure to comply will result in a ban.
  • Names must NOT contain bad, racist, or abusive language, or derogatory comments, including the word noob in any form or implication, or be understood as a potential attempt to recruit.
  • Names may contain the @ sign, except in email addresses. Email addresses are strictly prohibited in names, squad name or ingame chat. Example: [email protected] is not allowed. [email protected] is allowed.
  • NRNS Staff are to be treated with respect and any form of abuse/harassment will be dealt with severely.
Bans and unbanning
  • Cheating: Permanent ban
  • Recruiting: Permanent ban
  • Generally all other offenses will attract a warning, kick, temporary ban and if all else fails a permanent ban.
  • We reserve the right to kick or ban without warning depending on the severity of the offense or in a case where the player is known to admins as a repeat offender or is a high ranking player who should know the rules.
  • Unbanning is at the discretion of the BC2 Council. All unban requests should be posted publicly in the proper forum on the website.Unban requests are generally not discussed by any other means.






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