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Wurm Unlimited Connection Guide
« on: November 21, 2017, 09:02:25 AM »
Requirement: Official Wurm Unlimited Client from Steam. Cracked clients are unable to connect to our server.

Launch the game via Steam.
  • Type your character name into the Name field.
  • Type 'NRNS' into the Server Filter field.
  • The NRNS server should show in the list. If not you can connect via IP by clicking 'Connect by IP' with IP address and port 3727.
    • To add the server to favorites: Right click the server in the list and click add to favorites. Once you've connected the server will also show in the History tab.
  • Settings can be accessed via the cog icon. Not all settings are accessible/savable from within the game so it's best to change them from this menu.
    • Be sure to customize the graphics options to your liking in the Graphics tab (the default resolution is 1024x768).
    • Check out the keybinds tab for a list of controls (and leave it open for quick reference if you want).
    • Click the save button to save your settings.
  • When finished with settings select the NRNS server in the list and click Connect.
Wurm Unlimited Connection Guide

Our live (2 hr refresh) Wurm Unlimited world map can be viewed here: NRNS Wurm Unlimited world map viewer

Wurm Unlimited has a pretty active modding community. Some mods can greatly enhance/simplify the Wurm Unlimited experience. Our server uses the Wurm Server Mod Launcher by ago1024.

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