Teamspeak 3 Connection Mac

This is the Mac version, Windows version here

1. Go to this website

2. Move your mouse to download, then click on TeamSpeak 3

3. Check which type of system you have

4. Click on download

5. Open the downloaded file and click on next

6. Click on agree (it's just some licenses... no one reads them so...)

7. Now install TeamSpeak 3

8. Start Teamspeak 3 and open menu 'Connections' then click 'Connect'

9. In server address type:  .Type your nickname (Without NRNS TAGS !!!)and click connect.

10. Now you need to set push-to-talk

11. Open menu 'TeamSpeak 3' then click 'Preferences'

12. Now you need to set push-to-talk

13. Now you need to wait for TS3 admin who will set you up :)

Good luck, i hope this guide will help you to connect, speak to you soon on TS3

Copyright 2015 by [NRNS]IceMan





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