Author Topic: Want to start a topic here?  (Read 15802 times)

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Want to start a topic here?
« on: May 30, 2014, 14:23:10 PM »
- You cannot Post here.

Unbans Topics are automatically created when you fill in the Unban Request Form by clicking HERE

- You can only reply on your Own posts/form.
- Request Posted in other boards will not be taken in Account and will be Deleted right away!!!!
- Only Game Councils and above can reply on requests.
@ Game Councils you can set the topic to solved when the case is closed.
"We do have rules, however, we can bypass those at any time if that means we can have something meaningful out of it."
Please do not PM me with unban/support questions, i will ignore them. You will get for sure faster responses when you post it in the right forum board.  Thank you.






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